Dress Code Drama

By Chloe Warmuskerken

In this image based society, appearance is everything. It has been calculated that people spend two full weeks each year looking in the mirror worrying about what they look like. So, when we go out for an interview or get a job, the way we look does matter. Even when we are walking the halls of the high school or the streets of our neighborhoods, the way we present ourselves reflects who we are and shows how we want people to see us. The way we dress matters.  

Northview high school has prepared us in many ways for the future, however, in the dress code department there is a lack of enforcement. We spend our days preparing for life's next step, but the fact is, if we can’t look the part, we are less likely to get the part. This is not to say that everyone is shallow and the only thing that matters is clothes, but let’s face it, employers look us up on social media before we get to even talk to them. They see us before they get to know us, making the the way we portray ourselves to others vital in our futures.

The key of how to dress lies in the balance between respecting yourself and honoring your rights. We should dress based off of what makes each one of us feel comfortable and individual. With that being said, and more importantly, the students of Northview should respect themselves enough to dress in a way that reflects confidence and maturity. What we choose to wear is what we choose for everyone to see, not just our friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or the cute stranger, but the employer, the college advisor, and the future associates we may have. 

When getting dressed, keep in mind all the people that will see you, judge you, and form an opinion on you based on that one outfit. You never know who you will see, or who will see you.

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  1. Great article, you should also make reference to the way you behave in public. The maturity level you show will also form an opinion about the type of person you are and how others will see and treat you.