Beat the Heat and Complete

By Maggie Houseman

With summer approaching and the heat making it seemingly impossible to focus in class, it is a constant struggle to stay on task and finish the year out strong. Although it may be tricky, National Honor Society President Katie Martin said, in her speech to the honor students, that “it is important to keep going now, or all the hard work that you have already put in will be lost.” There are many things that can be done to help beat the heat and complete the school year on a good note. To make it a breeze, follow these three tips.

1. Keep the flow of H2O: Although important all year around, it is critical to drink water during the hottest and most miserable days inside. The heat causes bodies to lose water faster due to an increase in body processes that release water, including sweating. It may not seem like a big deal to lose a little more water, but water is essential for the function of the brain. Drinking the proper amounts of water helps increase focus and memory, both of which will help make it easier to power through the rest of the school year.

2. Throw together clothes for the weather: Wearing a huge sweatshirt in the already-hot classrooms at school can expand the problem of heat even further, so it is crucial to dress in appropriate clothing for the weather. Changing from a sweatshirt to a t-shirt may only change the temperature by a minimal amount, but it can make a huge difference to help to cut back on the heat and make it no sweat to focus.

3. Get the best amount of rest: As every high schooler learned in health class freshman year, teenage bodies require a very specific amount of sleep. That’s right- 9.25 hours. While balancing a combination of sports, homework, friends, family and a job, it can be nearly impossible for students to attain that 9.25 hours of sleep every night. However, striving to obtain a substantial amount of sleep at night will help to increase the overall health of both the body and the mind.

The implementation of these simple tips will allow for not only a stronger end to the school year, but a healthier lifestyle.
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