Outside the Box and Inside the PAC - Northview's Art Show and Pop’s Concert

By Claire Rose

Alisha Dagley’s “Self Portrait”
Every year, come May, the lobby to the PAC is transformed from, well, a lobby, into a miniature art exhibit displaying enough art that a spectator could find herself entranced for hours.

The theme this year, as displayed on nearly every teacher’s shirt this past Tuesday, was art that conveyed the message to ‘Think Outside the Box’. Crossroads art teacher, Karen Wilson said, “It’s not always what we judge to be the best work, but if the heart and soul is in it and if it’s a pure communication.”

Chalk, pencil drawings, paint, history, photography, film, and fashion were only a few art forms displayed in the show featuring art from students in the elementary schools and on throughout the high school who captured the idea to ‘Think Outside the Box’ in their works.

From the clay dragons many will remember making themselves in third grade, to middle school paper mache masks and paintings, to advanced art made by high schoolers, the evolution of Northview art and artists could be seen.

Jenna Peeble’s “Vor í Vagaskógi”
Following the art show on Tuesday was the vocal music department’s first of two performances of the Pops Concert.

The concert and the art show fall on the calendar around the same time so that a wider audience is received for both events. “Having the concert and the art show in the same week brings in people to see the art who are going to the concert, as well as the other way around,” Judy Pellerito, the vocal music director, said.

The show featured popular songs like “Rumour Has It” sung by Amiah Gaston, Madina Dakisheva, and Lindsey Nelson, as well as less-well-known hits such as “I Didn’t Plan It” performed by senior Phoebe Dawson.

Women’s Chorus performing “It’s Raining Men”
Among these smaller group performances were also fully choreographed large ensemble productions like “I Wish/Play That Funky Music” performed by the boys of Varsity Voices and Women’s Chorus’ rendition of “It’s Raining Men” which featured a plethora of polka dot and clear umbrellas.
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