A Senior Reflection

By Hope Kennedy

As my time here at Northview winds to a close, I can’t help but look back on my school career with a sense of pride and fulfillment. While I am elated for the future, I’m also sad at some of the experiences and people that I’ll leave behind. It’s strange to think that I’ve been with virtually with the same group for eight years. In that time, I’ve gained and lost friends, learned in and out of the classroom, and created lifelong memories. 

I remember walking into the building on the first day of high school feeling overwhelmed and slightly concerned about the state of the building under construction. I remember thinking how awkward it was where the old building and new construction merged, creating an indoor waterfall every time it rained. Perhaps the most creative use of our “transitional work space” was freshman English where our teacher, Lindsey Tilley, came up with the of idea “Romeo and Juliet” murals. 

Thanks to a millage, the swim program and school was gifted with a new pool to replace the dilapidated original pool. As it turned out, the swim team ended up being able to swim at Creston, now Grand Rapids City middle/ high school, for that year of transition. I’ll forever remember swimming in both extremes in that pool. From frigid water to hot tub temperatures, Creston was an experience. 

Through the exchange student program my sophomore year I also gained a lifelong friend from across the world. 

School has also tested my resilience to endure in difficult situations. While at the time, I felt like I could never do well on “that test” or possibly finish all my homework, I learned that I can in fact endure and even thrive. Northview has shown me how hard work changes a person, how dedication pays off, and most importantly that no matter how I do, I am still the same person. 

Photo courtesy of Josh Weiland
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