Top 5 Places to Visit in Michigan This Summer

By Kennedy Purcey

Pictured Rocks
Summer is right around the corner. With these five beautiful places to visit across the mitten, you won’t be bored. As Michigan native Tim Allen said, “Pure Michigan invites you to soak in the warmth of a sunrise and enjoy a day outdoors.” 
1. Visit Pictured Rocks
Pictured Rocks is located on the shore of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula. Each year the park receives almost 500,000 visitors from across the globe. On the 73,236 acres that the park inhabits, there are miles of breathtaking beaches and acres of momentous trails to hike. From Grand Rapids, it is a 5-hour ride but you have the journey across the Mackinac bridge and the scenery to experience along the way. 
2. Take a Ride on the Sand Dunes
There are many locations across Michigan that give buggy tours such as Saugatuck and Silver Lake. During the ride, you get to see the land’s vegetation and wildlife, learn the history of the town, and venture on your own through the dunes and lake. The sand dunes on the east side of Lake Michigan are the largest freshwater dune system in the world.
3. Swim in Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan is the third largest of the Great Lakes by surface area at 22,394 miles. The area is often mentioned as the “third coast”. When non-Michigan natives come to visit, many describe the lake as resembling an ocean. Along the lake’s shore are many beaches and piers to adventure. Some mentionable stops include: Grand Haven, Holland, and Ludington. 
4. Camp in the National Forest
Camping is a prominent pastime for many Michiganders and the Huron-National Forests are a popular site. Located in the northern lower peninsula, it includes 978,906 acres of land. Cabin rentals are available, but if you want a more authentic experience you can pitch a tent in any nearby camping sites. 
5. Hike in the Upper Peninsula 
There are endless places to hike in the upper peninsula, but if you really want to see what Michigan has to offer, head to Tahquamenon Falls. They’re located near Lake Superior in the eastern Upper Peninsula. This is a popular tourist destination because the area includes several walking trails that allows you to bask in the glory.  

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