The Idea Behind The Roar

By Kennedy Purcey

Luke (left) and Underwood (right)
After years of Northview’s newspaper being discontinued, seniors Isabelle Luke and Karen Underwood restored The Roar. It began when Luke noticed that our school did not have a school newspaper. She mentioned her idea of relaunching one to Northview’s tenth grade English teacher, Betsy Verwys, and fellow classmate, Karen Underwood. Then came a long process of pitching the idea to the school principal, finding a staff, working on ideas for the layout of the paper, and going to conferences. 

“I really wanted to give other students the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves,” Luke said. Both Underwood and Luke wish that they could have been a part of something this momentous throughout their high school careers. Part of the reason they built The Roar from the ground up was so future students could participate and make a difference. 

The adviser (Verwys) and co-editors in chief (Luke and Underwood) congregate weekly to discuss opinions and considerations about the paper. They also run the Wednesday meetings with the staff members, respond to any questions and modify the articles before each publication. 

Luke and Underwood are seniors who are involved in sports, AP classes and activities outside of school. They devote a majority of their time to contributing to The Roar. 

Over the past year they have watched the newspaper go from an idea that a high school junior had, to a mature newspaper with twenty-three staff members. The staff has grown into a family over the brief nine months and it wouldn’t have happened without Luke and Underwood. 

Luke and Underwood are going to be passing down their crown as they are heading to college in the fall. 

“I will definitely miss the bullpen meetings. I love being able to hear the different ideas that people have,” said Luke who will be attending Aquinas College for sociology or history next fall. 

“I’m going to miss Verwys and Isabelle most. They’re a great team to work with,” said Underwood who will be attending Cornerstone University for psychology. 

Photo courtesy of Charles Honey
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