2017 Northview Art Show

By Payton Neil

The Northview community gathered on May 18 at the 9th annual K-12 district art show held in the Northview Performing Arts Center.

Students of all ages got the chance to show off their hard work and creativity from this past school year. “As a high school art teacher it is so fun to see the elementary artists alongside the high school students,” art teacher Tricia Erickson said.

Each art teacher in the district selected some of the most impressive pieces of art created by their students to be in the show. At the event many different types of art were represented this year, such as: sculptures, paintings, drawings, collages, paper mache, and much more. The art show also served as a competition for the artists in seventh grade and above. There is a “People's Choice” award that the community votes on and the art department also arranged for a panel of judges from local community art groups, like Grand Rapids Art Museum, to choose the best pieces. As for the artists in kindergarten through sixth grade, there are compliment boxes that the attendees can use to congratulate and comment on the their artwork.

The art show attracts hundreds of people each year. It also serves as the only time that the art students get recognized face to face for all of their hard work and time that they put into their pieces. “Unlike choir, band, or sports, these kids rarely get an applause, so this is a great way to acknowledge them,” Erickson said.

The show was organized and led by the Northview art department. They continue to have the art show each year as it helps bring everyone together to support student’s work that might otherwise go unseen. Some of the award-winning art featured in the show will be on display throughout the district and community until next year’s art show.

Photo courtesy of Tricia Erickson
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