Summer Camps at Northview: Keeping your Body and Brain in Shape

By Maddie Miller

Summer is almost here, and everyone is looking forward to 11 weeks of fun and relaxation. Even though lounging around the house and watching Netflix is tempting, consider pursuing some of the many summer fun activities that Northview has to offer!

Opportunities range from camps improving skills for a specific sport like basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse- to exploring unique classes including 3D Explosion, Illustrator in ME, and Boaters Safety.

Junior Ryleigh Kasianowiz has participated in the youth softball camps, as well as the speed and agility camp. “Mostly they just helped me get out of bed in the morning and start the day off with a good workout,” Kasianowiz explained how she benefited from the experience. The camps are also a great way to find people who share commonalities, as Kasianowiz said, “The softball camps helped me meet a few new people.”

There is something for everyone in the district! Some camps offer classes for grades K-12, and others target specific age groups. Skill level is another factor in deciding what course to sign up for, as some courses separate beginners from those with more developed skills.

Not only does this provide endless opportunities for students, it also opens doors for the entire Northview community to share the best wealth of all- knowledge! No special training is required to teach summer enrichment classes, and if you have a specific talent or interest to teach, contact Rich Youngberg at for more information!

To find information on summer activities, pick up a Summer Fun Activities packet in the high school’s athletic office. This includes information on the 30+ camps and classes available, how to register for them, and who to contact about questions! Attend the Summer Fun Activities Registration in the Northview High School Athletic Lobby on June 5, from 5:30pm-8:00pm, to learn about the endless possibilities!

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