Get to know your 2017 Prom Court

By Ellie Haveman

Kelly Keen

Kelly Keen has enjoyed being a part of band, more specifically marching band, throughout all of high school. Being a drum major for the past two years, Keen has had an important role within the marching band. Even though marching band is strenuous, she has had “an amazing time with some amazing people.” Along with band, Keen is a part of National Honor Society where she has the crucial role of being the secretary.  Keen is also a duel varsity athlete in bowling and tennis. She also likes crocheting and baking in her free time. She has a rigorous class schedule, including one of her favorite classes AP biology. “Biology in and of itself is fascinating to me, and with Mr. Ballone teaching, we learn a lot more than the textbook requires! We often sidetracked, but relevant learning is one of my favorite parts about that class and him as a teacher,” Keen said. Some of Keen’s other favorite teachers are Mr. Wells, the band teacher, and Mrs. Ely, a math teacher here at Northview. This fall Keen will be attending the University of Michigan’s School of Nursing, although not sure which field she wants to study within nursing, Keen is sure nursing will be part of her future.

Aida Woldemicael

Aida Woldemicael is a part of choir, SADD, and just recently WAVE. However, choir is her favorite because two of her best friends also in the same class. Woldemicael is involved with her church and when she has free time she likes to hang out with her friends and family. After high school, Woldemicael plans on studying medicine, but is willing to see where her future takes her. She is first going to GRCC and transferring to a university, and then medical school. In the future, Woldemicael also would like to travel back to Africa. “I think that since I had the opportunity to move here and better my life, regardless of what I become I should find a way and use that to help them,” Woldemicael said. 

Hope Kennedy

Hope Kennedy is dedicated to her involvement in Northview High school. Some of her many titles include being the Vice President of the National Honor Society, a secretary in student council, and a staff writer for The Roar. “My favorite leadership extra curricular is NHS because of the dedicated people and unlimited leadership opportunities,” Kennedy said. Hope is also a team player, being a part of both the swim and tennis teams for all four years of high school. Kennedy was given the role of team captain of the swim team her senior year, showing how she can lead her team effectively. After graduation, she is attending the University of Michigan to hopefully major in business management and minor in French and/or Spanish. 

Isabelle Luke

Isabelle Luke is a member of the Peer Listeners, National Honor Society, and The Roar, as well as a part of the track and cross country teams. Her favorite is cross country due to the community and fun that the team creates. This year Luke was also a part of the state team for cross country. In her freetime, Luke likes to read, run, do DIY projects, and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy. Throughout high school, Luke’s all time favorite class is AP Literature, however her favorite teacher is Mrs. Ely. “She seems to really enjoy what she teaches and also seems to really care for her students,” Luke said. Next year, Luke will be going to Aquinas College to run cross country. While there, she will major in either sociology or history and end up getting a job focusing on helping people.

Lauryn DeShane

Lauryn Deshane is involved in a multitude of extra curriculars within Northview High School, including clubs like DYP, WAVE, SADD, and National Honor Society. However, she enjoys the  Athletic Program the most. Committed to Bellarmine University to play soccer in the fall, Lauryn has been playing soccer for most of her life. When she is not playing on the Varsity Girls Soccer Team, Lauryn plays for Midwest United, a well known club team for well rounded players like herself. While at Bellarmine University, located in Kentucky, Lauryn plans on studying physical therapy.

Megan George

Megan George is known for her amazing artwork. She likes being involved in the art department and contributing to competitions and the art show here at Northview. Her talent also shows through on the basketball court. Next fall, she is planning on playing basketball at Grace Bible College. Her favorite teachers are Ms. Fase (a math teacher), Mrs. Lockwood (an art teacher), and Mrs. Erickson (an art teacher). “These teachers have always helped me out a lot and are super kind and supportive,” George said. Outside of school, George really enjoys doing makeup and hanging out with her family.

Alec Lockwood

Alec is mostly involved in athletics, where he has played all four years of high school on both the football and baseball teams. “My favorite part of high school has been playing baseball for Northview and the bonds that I have created with my teammates over the years,” Lockwood said. In his free time, he enjoys working out and has been employed at the YMCA the past 2 years. Ms. Snyder is his favorite teacher. Her ability to make math interesting and her passion for getting effort out of every single student are just some reasons why Lockwood’s favorite class was his junior math class with Ms. Snyder. Next year, Lockwood will be going to GRCC to play baseball, a college known for their great baseball program. 

Eric Pearson

Eric Pearson is known as someone who is involved in a lot of extra curriculars here at Northview. Pearson is the senior class secretary, a writer for The Roar, and the president of NHS, his favorite club to be a part of. Pearson is also a great athlete and played football for Northview for four years. Mrs. Ely is his favorite teacher because “she gets to know her students and makes inside jokes while also going out of her way to help them,” Pearson said. His favorite class is Engineering, and is going to the University of Michigan to study either engineering or nuclear engineering in the fall.

Noah Dykstra

Noah Dykstra is a part of both DYP and varsity voices, which is his favorite program he was involved in throughout high school. He is also an athlete, playing tennis for all four years, and just this year joining the boy’s lacrosse team. His favorite class is any class that Mr. Burba teaches. “Mr. Burba was by far one of the easiest teachers to talk to about anything and I appreciate him as a teacher and as a friend,” Dykstra said. Outside of school, Dykstra enjoys hanging out with friends, hammocking, and making memories on the weekends. Although he is undecided on what he wants to study, Dykstra is planning on attending GRCC next fall for a year or two and then transferring to GVSU. 

Tate Nyquist

Tate Nyquist is heavily involved in both WAVE, where he is the treasurer, and DYP, where he is a group leader. However his extra curriculars don’t stop there, Nyquist is also involved in soccer, finishing up his fourth year of playing on the Varsity team this past fall and earning the title of an all conference player. Nyquist’s favorite class is government while his favorite teacher is Mrs. Dixon. “She has a little bit of sass but she is a sweetheart at the same time,” Nyquist said. After high school he is planning on attending GRCC to earn his associate's degree and then finish off his schooling at GVSU. 

Tommy Lewis

Tommy Lewis is known for his dedication to basketball in his years at the high school. He likes to play every chance he gets and will be going to Aquinas College to continue his basketball career at a collegiate level. “I haven’t decided on what I want to go into,” Lewis said, “but I am thinking something in either business or science.” Lewis’s favorite class has been AP Chemistry with Mr. Haveman, he likes how Mr. Haveman makes it easier to learn in a fun manner. 

Zeich Henderson

Zeich Henderson has been involved in peer listening for the last 3 years, SEALS, and he also tutors kids in math. In his free time, Henderson likes to travel and “find new, unique dives and restaurants all over Michigan and surrounding states.” He also likes going to hip-hop, indie, and rock concerts and enjoys the fresh air while hiking at national parks and reserves. However, he loves being with his friends and family along with being there for others the most.  Henderson’s favorite classes have been SEALS, AP Calculus, and Theater arts, while his all time favorite teacher is his 6th grade teacher, Mr. Visser. “He has always encouraged me to never give up and to be that man I want to be,” Henderson said. Next year he is planning to major in therapeutic psychology and minor in astrophysics while at college. 

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